New research published in the journal Science has found that a deficiency of taurine, an amino acid involved in immune and neurological funtion, is a driver of aging. Increasing intake of taurine has been shown to slow down the aging process in laboratory animals. Listen in this week as Dee discusses the study’s findings, and what it means for human health.

Singh, P., Gollapalli, K., Mangiola, S., Schranner, D., Yusuf, M. A., Chamoli, M., Shi, S. L., Lopes Bastos, B., Nair, T., Riermeier, A., Vayndorf, E. M., Wu, J. Z., Nilakhe, A., Nguyen, C. Q., Muir, M., Kiflezghi, M. G., Foulger, A., Junker, A., Devine, J., … Yadav, V. K. (2023). Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging. Science, 380(6649).

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