Processed-Free Support Groups

Join a Local Processed-Free Support Group

At the bottom of this page is a current listing of the local Processed-Free Support Groups throughout the United States and Canada. We’re just getting started, so if there’s not one in your area, it’s easy to start your own by being a Support Group Coordinator.

Be a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator

Your commitment as a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator will help you stay committed to your own process. This program is intended to be free to participants and there is no cost to you to start a Processed-Free Group (at least there is no cost from us). There are many advantages to being a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator:

· You pick the time and place that is best for you to have your weekly support group meetings
· You stay committed to your own process
· You reap the rewards of helping other people
· You become versed in the Processed-Free lifestyle
· You find support around you to help you stay on track

If you are interested in starting a group, email us at with:

  1. Your name
  2. Your location, your phone numbers, and
  3. Why you want to start a Processed-Free Support Group.

You will then receive information about Dee’s next scheduled orientation conference call where you can ask questions and get all the details. There is a $50 fee that will be charged after you talk with Dee. After your orientation, we’ll send you a Processed-Free Support Group Starter Packet.


Processed-Free Support Groups in Your Area

Country                                  State                                        Town                                          Contact/Information

Canada                                 Alberta                                     Edmonton                                  Edmonton Support Group

Singapore                            Singapore                                 Singapore                                  Singapore Support Group  

United States                        Arizona                                    Chandler                                    Chandler Support Group

United States                        Colorado                                 Wheat Ridge                             Colorado Support Group

United States                        Illinois                                     Aurora                                           Illinois Support Group

United States                        Idaho                                       Boise                                            Idaho Support Group

United States                        Kansas                                   Overland Park                             Kansas Support Group

United States                        Texas                                     Tyler                                              Texas Support Group


if any of the above links do not work or if you want to start a group in your area, email us at