This Dee-Tox program IS NOT a fast—it is a healthy, gentle cleansing that includes three balanced meals each day along with supportive supplemental nutrients. Join me as I explain how to safely and effectively cleanse your body and restore it’s natural fat-burning efficiency!

In this insta-class you will:

  • Understand how everyday toxins inhibit weight loss
  • Learn the basics of how to safely cleanse your body without fasting
  • Discover common foods that assist your body’s natural detoxification functions
  • Learn which supplements aid in detoxification
  • Learn how to transition from your Dee-Tox plan to maintaining a healthy processed-free lifestyle
  • And much more….

When you purchase the insta-class you will receive links to download:

  • The highly informative class handout in pdf format. Handout includes the complete 14-day Dee-Tox program with helpful information about the most effective foods and supplements for safe and effective cleansing.
  • 14-Day Dee-Tox Menu with Dee-Tox Recipes
  • The video recording of the class

Event Price: Only $25

(Please allow 24 hours to receive these materials via email).

  1. Please share how long you think the detox program will take to complete. I want to plan a block of time for it. I have the science of skinny book and reference it often. Thank you

    1. The DEETOX program is a specific 2-week protocol that comes with a menu, recipes and supplement list.

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