The Science of Skinny DVD!

  • The Science of Skinny DVD
  • 60 minutes of Dee in front of a live studio audience talking about the dangers of processed foods and the healing nature of whole foods.
  • Discover an ancient truth on what to look for in what you eat
  • Get the skinny on ingredient lists and how to make healthful decisions for you and your family
  • Be informed on the toxic qualities of artificial sweeteners and the healthful qualities of natural sweeteners.

Normally $16.95; Get Yours Now For Only $14.95!

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Testimonials About This DVD:

“I train every day and thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but Dee opened my eyes to the ignorance we all have on what foods hinder weight loss and why. I’m telling everyone about this DVD – it’s a must see!”

-Julia Beard
Scottsdale, Arizona


“She is a living example of permanent weight loss and a warehouse of knowledge on which foods to eat and which to avoid. Her message cannot be missed.”

-Rossi Mako of
Houston, Texas


“Dee has been an inspiration for anyone who’s trying to lose weight. I’m telling everyone I can about her.”

-Mary LeVan of
Hammond, Indiana


“Dee is awesome! Everyone ought to be listening to what she has to say about how to eat healthy and lose weight.”

-Cheryl Nuhn of
San Diego, California