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Below you have 12 videos totaling nine hours of content. Below is more about each video.


Video 1
Pottenger’s Cats
The Nutritional Work of Weston Price
47 Essential Nutrients
Question and Answer


Video 2

Whole Grains
Types of Grains
Eating Whole Grains
Refined Grains & White Flour
Enriched Flour
Recognizing Whole Grains
Variety of Whole Grains
Sprouted Grains
Resistant Starch
Nuts & Seeds
Question and Answer



Video 3

Defining Fats and Oils
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Types of Fats
Saturated Fats
Unsaturated Fats
Understanding Free Radicals
Trans Fats
How Oils are Refined
The Best Oils
Omega 3 & Omega 6
Question and Answer



Video 4

Trans Fat Labeling
Mono & Diglycerides
Lean Healthy Proteins
Amino Acids
Complementary Proteins
Protein Requirements
The Truth About Soy
Organic and Raw Milk
Grass-Fed Meat
Wild Caught Fish



Video 5

Protein Question and Answer
Reading An Ingredient List
Ingredients to Avoid
Ingredient List Exercise
Generally Regarded as Safe
Most Common Food Additives
The Importance of Organic
The Dirty Dozen / The Clean 15
Genetically Modified Foods
How to Identify GMO’s



Disk 6

Carbohydrates: Simple & Complex
Whole Natural Sugarcane
Refined Sugar
Healthy Forms of Sugar
Effects of Refined Sugar
All About Gluten
Question and Answer



Disk 7

Healthy Alternatives
Replacing White Flour
Whole Grain Flours
Replacing White Sugar
Nutritious Sweeteners
Healthy Oil Alternatives
Non-Dairy Options
Other Alternatives
Question and Answer



Disk 8

Vitamins: Why do we need them?
Fat Soluble Vitamins
Vitamins: How do we get them?
Whole Food vs. Synthetic
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
B Vitamins
Vitamins E & D
Green Veggies / Fruits
Question & Answer



Disk 9

Eat the Rainbow
Whole Foods vs. Supplements
Defining pH
The pH Scale
pH Strip Demonstration
Acid & Alkaline Forming Foods
Negative Healthy Effects of Acidity
Question and Answer



Disk 10

The Importance of Water
Facts About Water
What Counts for Water?
What Doesn’t Count for Water?
High-Water Foods
The Optimal Balanced Plate



Disk 11

Healthy Kids Nutrition Class
General Information
Session 1: Get Started
Session 1: Whole Grains
Session 1: Making a Fruit Tart
Session 1: The No Yuk Rule
Question & Answer
Session 2: Vitamins
Session 2: Food Art



Disk 12

Session 3: Hygiene
Session 3: Stove Safety
Session 3: Knife Safety
Session 3: Salad Making Project
Session 4: Good & Bad Fats
Session 4: No-Bake Cookie
Question & Answer
Final Notes